Thursday, May 30, 2013

Centel Media Faces Cyber Bullies

At one point in our academic lives, we have all come across a bully, whether it was grammar school, middle school or high school. You've tried your hardest to duck and dodge them but to no avail and you come to the conclusion that they will be a thorn in your side for the next few years. Over the years, bullying has become a huge topic for debate as the results of bullying have often been fatal in the last few years. Just when you thought the bullies from school have gone away, they have come back taking their place behind a computer screen with all intentions to bring you back to 8th grade chemistry class.

Cyber bullying, as we know, has become the new form of harassment. However, now it can be done from the comfort of ones home, where facing your victim is not needed, just a few typed words and the enter button on your keyboard. Social media has most certainly played a part in cyber bullying. There was a time when you would have to face a bully in school. Now, thanks to Facebook and Twitter, it's a non-stop, 24/7 ordeal. Cyber bullying has recently made its way onto the comment sections on any type of forum that allows for people to express their opinions.

People in positions of power often don't give those who make thoughtless comments the time of day for two reasons. Either they are too busy, or just don't care what anyone has to say, especially if it's non-constructive criticism. But everybody has their breaking point. They've had enough and will eventually respond back. Though it can get rough at times, you have to remember you're representing a brand. The moment you choose to respond back, especially in a negative light, you are diminishing your brand.

When you choose to respond back, you're no better than that person sitting behind a keyboard. You have brought yourself down to their level. So begins the senseless back and forth insults that doesn't result in any profit for your business, but in fact will have a negative impact--we see how easy it is to upset you and it becomes a game to see how far you can go. Words hold a lot of power and in some instances they can have such an impact it can destroy all of what you worked hard to build. When we keep that in mind, we make cyber bullies, trolls or whatever name we choose to call them victims of their own foolishness. You become a stronger person for not responding. Furthermore, your business prospers as well.

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