Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love And The Web

Just when you thought employers were the only ones checking your online profile, in comes an unexpected guest--one who you never thought you would have to worry about yet. Potential suitors are now starting to really do research on who they are courting on dating websites. We have all heard the saying "watch what you do because you never know who is watching you" and that has never held more truth than it does in today's technologically advanced world. As it turns out those pictures from that weekend in Miami will not only hurt your chances of getting a job you really want but if you're engaging in online dating it could potentially cost you a relationship.

We tend to think what we do in life only affects us and should have no bearing on a future job and or relationship. In some instances this is very true. People, if given the chance to change mostly do, and their past can be swept under the rug. Unfortunately, when you include social networks as well Google and other search engines, your past can be dug up without your permission and sometimes be unfairly used against you.

We have to consider our online profiles a part of our brand. Its an extension of us that people won't see in person, but they can get an idea of who we are based on what they see when we are being checked out. The reason employers do background checks is to see how well you represent yourself when you are not in the office. They are looking to hire you and now you are not only a representative of your brand, but you are now a representative of your employer. Image is everything and one bad apple can cast a dark shadow over a company that it has to dig its way out.

What has been discovered is that the online dating community doesn't fully trust the profile that is created on the websites itself, so they take it a step further and begin to search social media profiles and do Google searches that dig even deeper into a persons authentic profile. While it may seem like its jumping the gun to go through all of that--and there's is no guarantee that you and your potential partner will ever date--it’s a sound strategy that that can help avoid any unwarranted situation. As it turns out, the place to let loose or participate in any illicit activity has no place on the internet if you are looking for love online or are hoping to score a job with a respectable corporation. Your actions are documented whether you like it or not and will always be accessible with a little typing and searching. While social networking is a chance to let loose and communicate always keep in mind there is always somebody watching you.

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