Friday, May 31, 2013

Ready Or Not, Here Comes The Penguin

Whether we like it or not, all things have to change. From the weather to your favorite sports team, we just hope the change is for the better. When it comes to technology, change comes more often than any other part of life. Look at almost any OS and you will see an update right on schedule about every two months or so. Though it may seem tedious, it is needed in order to ensure the best quality product for the user. We may not want to automatically embrace the change, but we soon get used to it after some time spent using the product. We finally give in to the fact that what used to be in one place is now in another, or possibly gone, replaced by another useful product.

When it comes to reputation management, change is expected. After all, its purpose is to change how your brand or company is viewed when searched online. As a business owner, it would be in your best interest to take on the change and master it. It can only be a benefit to you. Systems that don't change can become easy targets for hackers who can master the algorithm of how it is designed and from there make life miserable for everyone. The updating of a system also benefits you in a structured way. You might be breaking a rule by having a direct or indirect relationship with a site or link that delivers spam. When the system is updated, you are alerted of this and immediate action is taken to ensure you are no longer in contact with those malicious links who may have been contributing to your negative online reputation.

The biggest part of completing a change from the ordinary is getting your team on board with it. When your team can adapt easily to a change, it make your life easier and the company keeps flowing without missing a beat. When your team resists change or isn't able to quickly adapt to every function, business slows down. You are now faced with the task of not only getting everyone on board, but as a company, trying to make up for lost time and lost profit. The best way to avoid this situation is to prepare your team ahead of time. Tell them about the change. Offer any tutorial classes or workshops that can explain everything that needs to be known about the system change. When you're proactive when it comes to major changes like this, it can only benefit you, your team and, most importantly, your company. From there, you can continue to provide top notch customer service.

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