Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Strong Defense is Always Your Best Offense

There is much more to Reputation Management then simply just repairing and providing your company with positive search results. A lot goes into securing your information so that you are protected from any type of negative review that you once had or any that might try to come up at any point in the near future.

Online Reputation Management firms all have privacy policies that give very detailed descriptions on how they deal with your information why the do things a certain way and who is allowed to view your information. This is done to protect you from any spam related sites that may latch onto your information and begin to infiltrate your system with junk mail and all sorts of garbage. Privacy policies also help keep track of the sites you visit and sites you have previously visited, this is done using cookies which is there to keep track of your activity on the web. Having cookies available to you when dealing with Reputation Management online is very beneficial because it allows for them to be able to provide information about certain sites that may be harmful to you and your Online Reputation. With cookies you do have the option of denying access to your information which means your information won't be tracked but in some instances that may be doing more harm than good and also limits how much access your online Reputation Management gives you. When unknown sources try to gain access to your information if your privacy is properly protected by your Reputation Management firm you can rest easy knowing that unless authorized they won't be able to give out your information. This is probably one of the top two reasons it's important to have a Reputation Management firm monitor your websites, as a business owner you are not aware of what outside sources are legitimate and who is really just dealing with junk mail or malicious content. If you happen to get involved with one of these malicious sites you are putting your company’s reputation in jeopardy because you are now affiliated with that site, and now have a negative reputation among various people who visit your site as a company that either delivers spam or can pass a virus onto their system. I don't have to tell you what that means from a financial standpoint just look at your balance sheets.

Privacy policies are there to protect everyone who engages on any type of internet activity. When you combine that along with ReputationManagement you are giving yourself the best opportunity for your business to be successful for not just the short run but most importantly the long run.

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