Thursday, June 27, 2013

Commitment to Excellence

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Some business owners may think that they are committed to doing everything in their power to make sure that their company is at the top or near the top of the sector that they are in. The truth is, most businesses are not and it is usually one small detail that is missing that will set them on the path to excellence.

As a business owner, you should have a checklist of things that can help put your business over the top and ensure that it stays there. Your commitment to seeing your company do excellent in whatever field it is in should drive you to make it the absolute best. While that may be the motivation, it is not always a reality. What you think may not be costing you now is surely going to cost you in the long run.

Being that business operations have totally transformed from eight hours a day to now twenty four hours a day, it is more important than ever that you find ways to keep your customers well informed and interested. Not doing those important yet simple tasks is what can lead to loss of profit. More importantly, your company may very well develop a negative reputation, which is the last thing you need. In order to avoid a situation like this, I suggest you have a good team dedicated to your company and that will support it around the clock.

With the world being more technologically savvy, it is important that you give constant updates to your customers as well as keep the account professional while on business hours. Many companies have felt the urge to comment about something being said about them--what turned out to be good intentions turned into a nightmare.

With your social media activity taken care of, it is now time to focus on the products and services you provide your customers. As an owner, you shouldn't feel satisfied just providing simple service and doing just enough to meet the customers’ expectations. You should want to go above and beyond making the customer feel like it is the first time doing business with you. If you provide that kind of service, you will always be able to do business.

The most important thing you should always be on top of is your company's online reputation. This can have great ramifications if not taken care of. What if there are some false claims or accusations going around about your company that you don't know about? It could start to affect your business. You need to make sure you fix that problem with either your own in house team or hire a professional firm to take care of it. Resting on your laurels in a situation like this is no way to maintain excellence. The simple things can turn a good company into a great company. Striving for excellence should always be your goal but you have to work towards it.

Excellence is always something you should strive for. How you get there is on you and your willingness to achieve it. 

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