Monday, June 17, 2013

Deleting Messages is Not Always a Good Idea

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People write negative comments all the time, and you have to remember to keep your cool and breathe. There have been many situations where a negative comment has made about a business, their representative acted out of emotion, and made the situation a whole lot worse. It is key to recognize that acting out of emotion is only going to detract customers. However, acting out of emotion is not the only thing that should be expressed on, but also that of deleting messages as well. Ignoring a negative message is one thing as mentioned in previous blogs, but deleting negative messages or comments is another story. When you delete a message you are ignoring the problem, and you are showing that you do not care about your business, nor your customers. Take the time and effort to explore the negative comment that was made, and try to correct the issue. Not every customer is going to be satisfied, and not ever issue that he/she has is going to be solved, but make the effort and show the consideration. Asking the customer to take the conversation offline and dealing with the issue in a private message would be ideal. What happens if you already deleted the message/comment before dealing with the issue? Well this is not an ideal situation, but you could go back and ask the customer to take the issue offline to see if there is any reparation that can be made. If the situation is beyond repair, wait a couple of days, usually customers forget about the issue within three days, and it would be safe to remove any negative comments made from that specific person. A Harassing issue may occur if the customer does not intend to leave the situation alone, and you must remember that situations like these will occur. The best way to deal with these type of customers is to block them, you already did what you could and the problem could not be resolved. Centel Media™ is a great online reputation management that helps with your image online. Centel Media™ pushes the negative comments out so that positive comments and remarks are seen more often. Your online reputation is important, do not fall to situations that could be dealt the right way instead of ignoring them.

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