Friday, June 14, 2013

How Protected Are You?

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When doing business anywhere other than the standard brick and mortar store you are in constant danger. Yes the internet can be a rewarding but if you're not careful you will fall prey to hackers and their traps.

As safe as we think our online businesses are there is always a weak spot in the armor and someones is slowly lurking waiting for the exact moment to expose your weakness. A cyber attack is not just your computer catching a virus but it can also be categorized as someone attacking your online profile via Social Network, forums or any other public space. Just when you thought that your business was safely protected you are now under attack from an unknown source and if you don't act fast that one source will get bigger and bigger by the day. Having your internet protected is not the only protection you should be investing in given today's advanced technology. Hackers know that we all have anti virus's set up so being able to infiltrate our computers will be tougher than before. But what about your business how protected is your business from hackers and trolls. Thats a question you must ask yourself but it's important to ask before someone answers that question for you ie: hacking your site or helping create a negative reputation, you must take proactive measures to protect yourself from any attack.

Taking preventative measures will not only save you time and money but you will have a piece of mind knowing that your business is being protected and you will be alerted about any attempted attack against your online profile. Where do you find this type of help you ask, well I personally recommend an Reputation Management firm like Centel Media™Centel Media™ not only protects your online profile but it alerts you when there is an attempted attack on your profile. That is just some of the benefits of having a well established Reputation Management firm work for you. Centel Media™ also helps increase your Social Network profile so you can continue to do promotion and keep your fans and customers involved with the company.As a business owner you must have protection that goes beyond the typical virus protection we have come to know,  technology is a little more advanced and requires some dirty work to ensure you are completely guarded against any unwarranted attacks.

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