Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to Deal with Twitter Hackers

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With today's technology there are a lot of problems that could go wrong with your reputation online. One problem that should be addressed and handled the right way is that of Twitter hacking. Your online name and image could be damaged in the manner of seconds, but you should not panic, and instead take a look of these steps that should be taken if you encounter with this type of situation.

When you finally notice that your twitter account has been hacked there is of course a sense of panic and fear, this is normal but you must remember to take a deep breath and do not act out of emotion. Acting of emotion is not rational thinking and by doing so you will only make the matter worse.
The next step is to gain control of your Twitter account by answering questions pertaining to your account, if this is not enough then you should contact a professional in customer service whom will help. The people in customer service are there to help and you must remember and take advantage of these services.

The next step is delete the tweets that were falsely made and caused damage to your account. Sometimes deleting tweets is all you need to do in order to eliminate the problem, but other times you will have to inform your followers about the hacking. Remember, you must deal with the situation with extreme care, how you deal with situation in this stage is a big indication on what kind of recovery you will make.

Every business owner should be prepared to encounter these kind of problems with social media networks. If you do not think you are prepared to deal with this type of situation or you do not want the stress on thinking about other people hacking your account, you should hire a professional that will deal with all the problems that come up.

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