Friday, June 21, 2013

If You Build it, They Will Come

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Building a hotel is a major investment that will take a lot of money and most certainly a lot of time to construct. As an owner you want to make sure that when the project is finally completed and is up and running your customers have to make reservations months in advance, but in order to do this your hotel needs to have positive reviews that will persuade potential customers that they will love their stay.

With building any business you can rest assure that if the time and effort is put in that it will most likely be successful, and lets not disregard the funding either which is very important. But all sectors of business are different and have unique ways of operating and making profit. In Hospitality you can say that a majority of their business travels word of mouth from guest to guest. Hotels are one of the few businesses that thrive off of customer promotion meaning that if a guest enjoyed their stay at the hotel they are more than likely going to suggest that same hotel to a friend or family member.

But even before the word can get out you as the owner should make sure that you are providing the most outstanding customer service that is imaginable. While not all hotels are going to be luxurious and prestigious there is nothing wrong with giving service like one. If you give exceptional service you will find that your hotel will soon be so in demand that people will have to start making reservations many months in advance. It may be stressful and problematic but it's a problem that you wouldn't mind having.

On the flip side of that terrible service will keep your electric bill high because your vacancy sign will always be on. Bad service will show up on every review site, Google search and just about any other place that you can imagine. It is your responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen to your hotel because it can have a very damaging effect on your reputation.

Speaking of reputations as I mentioned earlier hotels are unique, when someone is planning a trip they first search the internet before anything. If your hotel has a negative reputation when it is searched you can best believe they won't be reserving anything in your hotel. As an owner you should always make sure you have eyes everywhere monitoring what is being said about your hotel. Investing in your hotels online Reputation Management can make all the difference in the world.

If you own a hotel you are probably too busy to monitor yourself so you should then seek out a professional online Reputation Management firm to help such as Centel Media. Centel Media can help you take back the positive reputation that you once had and keep you on that track. You will get full service coverage that also includes keeping watch of your online profile just in case it does come under any negative attack that may try and make its way back to you.

Protecting your investment is the most important decision you will have to make in your business career. Protect it the right way and it also will be the easiest decision you had to make. 

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