Monday, June 17, 2013

Image Maintenance

As previous articles have stated before, online reputation is what we focus on here at Centel Media™ . There are so many things that could go wrong with your online reputation that you have no control over unless you take some time to take care of your image. Positive results is what you strive for as a professional, or as a business person when it comes to your reputation on the internet. Being active on your social network is great way of building this positive reputation. As an individual you would make a Facebook, Twitter in order to promote your image. You must remember to be active and constantly post on these social media accounts because Google is able to track your recent posts and activity. If you have a business you could also make a Facebook or Twitter but you would post things pertaining to your business, such as blogs or information indicating what you promote. Indicating your name or the name of business is a priority when labeling your account. Videos and Images are another important factors because they dominate Google Searches. Having Captions and lettering demonstrating what your video is about will do wonders for your online reputation. Integrate YouTube while posting these videos will again expand your searches on Google ultimately helping your cause on positive online reputation. Podcasts, going along with the media aspect, are another option that you should take into consideration. Instead of having written blogs say for example, you can have certain information verbalized and recorded with your voice. Lastly, but certainly not least are domain names. As a business person and a professional individual you should have more than one domain name. This makes it easier for your business name to come up on Google searches, and remember to take the different measures indicated above to help build up that domain name. For example, remember to continue writing blogs, and create social media accounts to maintain, and help build positive online reputation for these accounts. If you take these measures into consideration you should be on your way to maintaining your image, however, you must remember that if you do not think you can keep with this type of schedule consistently hiring a online reputation management group. 

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