Thursday, June 6, 2013

Larry Fournillier's Steps to One Million Followers on Google+

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Recently there was an article indicating the role online brand promotion plays in today's market. Multiple sources were used to ask how people in today's world with all the technological advancements are building their online presence. There are different paths one may take but one that should not be ignored is Google+. The best example on how Google+ expanded and made one person's business strive is that of Larry Fournillier.

Larry specializes in Caribbean cuisine and was a systems analyst when he moved to US when he was fifteen. He worked in this industry for about 25 years before moving to his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago. He moved back because he was given a chef job by the ocean. When the restaurant changed hands he wanted to find a way to showcase his love of Caribbean cuisine to the world and thus found Google+ when it first launched in 2011. He now has almost a million followers in the last year. Below there are six steps that should be taken into consideration on how to build and appeal to people on Google+.

1. Sign Up.

When you sign up for Google+ you should describe what you do for a living and what your passions are. This is a great way for people to get to know you. Many people on Google+ according as statistics have shown do not post such information. Posting this information about yourself will differentiate you from the pack.

2. Hangouts.

The way Larry was able to appeal to so many people is because he engaged in Google+ Hangouts. This is the best way to find how Google+ works and which hangouts work best for your product that you are trying to show people around the world. For example, Larry would cook while other people would tell their favorite types of wine; this is a great example on how one and one go together.

3. Post & Engage.

Exploring through the Hangouts and finding out what people want to see, and you have the product and the quality to share then it is time to start posing. There are over 400 million users and there will be bound to be people who share the same passions that you do. When you do receive comments to your post, you should post a reply as quickly as possible with a polite message. Answer any questions people have.

4. Build Community & Cooperate!

When you are on Google+ it is important that you support communities so that you get that support in return. Building relationships is ideal in order to help promote your product/service. For example Larry's first Hangout aired was by a woman he met on Google+ and she was the one who encouraged him to do a cooking show.

5. Creating Your Own Hangout

When you create your own Hangout on Air it is automatically uploaded to Youtube, and according to different sources will increase your presence online. Larry did not think his first hangout was successful; however his clip has been show on commercials and in theaters because his fans liked it. You must show your product/service to get results.

6. Creating a Concept That Works.

Coming up with a creative idea to promote your product/service is exactly what you need to do in order to attract attention. Larry for example created the Pirate Pub with George Sepich. They would dress up with pirates and eat food from all over the wood; they would also have inviting guests on their show.

Larry was able to get out his name and have a showcase to the world; this is the best way to promote your business. All you could ask for is to have your name out there and have people enjoy the benefit of your business. Google+ does such that and any business owner along with other different techniques should use this up and coming social network.

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