Thursday, June 13, 2013

Learn from Teenagers On How They Deal with Online Reputation

Teenagers are a lot more involved with the technology that exists today and the adult community could learn a lot from them. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media interactions are constantly being used by teenagers. They are either on the computer interacting with their social media account or on their mobile device. One would think that they do not put too much emphasis on their online reputation but that is proven to be wrong. Recent studies have shown that teenagers are very much aware on what is being posted about them because they understand that this might come back to haunt them in the future. They also do not want some embarrassing comment or photo being shown to either their parents, or any other authoritative figure. Teenagers are also not obsessing whether or not there is privacy with their account, or how to make their page more private, but rather like explained above, would rather post things that they would not hide from anyone. The adult community should learn from how the teenagers are dealing with the online reputation issue on social media accounts. No one wants this stigma of a bad reputation because of an embarrassing photo online or an inappropriate comment that was made. You must remember that keeping a positive online reputation is the most important aspect in today's business world. Many people today are "googling" information either about you or your business.

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