Thursday, June 20, 2013

Somebody's Watching Me

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Ever get the feeling you were being watched? No seriously have you gone online to either your Social Media account or did a quick glance of your online bank statement and notice that something isn't right. Scary yes but it's becoming a reality today as more and more people fall victim to identity theft.

When you set your to profile private people can only become friends with you at your own discretion, this is a good way to attempt to weed out the crazies - or so you think. How well do you think you still know your High School BFF or someone you roomed with in college 10 years ago? The answer for that is going to vary, of course, but what will not vary is if you accept a friend or someone posing to be a friend without really knowing if it is really them. People impersonating some other person is a tactic that even law enforcement uses on certain occasions but that is to catch the bad guy, in this instance the person who you think is your friend is the bad person because, as it turns out, they are not really your friend. You read it all the time people go online and steal others pictures and claim them as their own or they have the audacity to create a new life using another person's information. Very sickening and the fact that they can access even your most personal information begs to ask the question - how private are these profiles and accounts? Being that we live in a more technologically advanced world than we did 20 years ago we can find that our lives and reputations can be destroyed online before it even affects us in person.

It is more important than ever to make sure you are monitoring who you allow access to your Social Media account because that same person you have just connected with may be the same person to try and create another profile using your information and pictures. Since we are in an age where there is a lot of online activity you must now take into account you have an online profile and in fact before you meet someone face to face this your stand in representative. You now have to make sure your profile online is clear of any fraud or damaging information that can affect you from either getting a job or perhaps a potential love interest. If you should ever find that you need Reputation Management then you should proceed with looking for professional service in that area.  Centel Media™ is a great firm to get help from as they will not only work to clean your reputation but also make sure it stays clean. You now have two profiles to guard, personal and online neither one is more important than the other but if you are not careful they can both take each other down.

Always be cognizant of who you are reconnecting with because how they were when you played in the sandbox together may not be the same person today. 

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