Thursday, June 13, 2013

Take Me Everywhere You Go

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The advancement of technology has allowed you to take your favorite things that you love on the go with you, its almost as if you can't live without them.

Twenty years ago who would have thought that you would be able to bring your entire music collection with you wherever you go, but today that is a reality along with the many other benefits that come along with 21st century technology. But I'll tell you who actually benefits the most from this, business owners. While those who are in the business of developing these apps and devices are at the top of the list of course. Businesses that begin to move to mobile promotion and online business have the upper hand compared to their competitors. When your customer can access you at any location that has wireless internet and on any mobile device, you put yourself in the position to succeed and you are now doing business 24 hours a day. Mobile business is the new way to extend your business from the standard brick and mortar to online business and now your business has been transformed into apps that can be developed and downloaded to your phone. Some of the same rules that you use with your business online apply to your mobile business but you are certainly going to have to tweak certain things such as accessibility to products which will make check out even easier.

Though it is easy to increase profits on doing online business and mobile business it is just as easy to lose profit as well. If you are not careful you can diminish your brand by doing subpar work on these two businesses. Unlike your brick and mortar business  customers can't easily reach you,your online businesses are an extension of you. If you don't cater to that particular audience you are doing a big disservice to all parties involved. As I mentioned before your customers that shop online or use your mobile app do so because they are not able to shop at the physical location. If they are not properly accommodated and given the same service that your other customers get, one must expect complaints to come in. You develop a negative online reputation that can take years to correct and get your audience back. While you do have Reputation Management firms such as Centel Media™ to help that process it is better to make everyone of your customers feel like they are your number one priority.  

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