Friday, June 21, 2013

The Book of Horrors

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Social Media is one of the world’s greatest lines of communication and if has affected us to the point where our society has literally shaped and molded itself around it. But there is also a dark side that can create havoc in your life it you are not careful dealing with Social Media.

Facebook is at the front and center of what I like to call the Social Media boom. We literally have hundreds of networks to choose from but only a few can really stand up with Facebook but none can go toe to toe with it yet. Facebook has allowed us to reconnect with long lost family members, love ones, friends as well as the person sitting right next to us. Yes we all are connected in some way.

As time has progressed technology has become more advanced and that includes Social Media. This is good for several reasons it allows for software updates so hackers cannot easily take over the site which would have dire consequences. But the ease of use has also changed too making things a little more complicated when you're trying to post messages either privately or publicly. We are now seeing people have their lives exposed because they were not careful when they were sending messages online.

What's kept online is kept for a very long time especially on Social Media networks like Facebook and it can easily be passed around the all of your mutual friends. I for one could never understand why anyone would put anything personal on Facebook no matter if it was a message or post. If you should feel the need to contact someone a simple call or text would be much safer than a Facebook message.

The effect that this can have on you can be crippling not physically but professionally, imagine a potential employer coming across some message of yours that was supposed to be private but ended up public. There’s no telling what the message was about but you can rest assure that you won't be hearing back from that job. Or maybe you tried your luck with online dating and the person whom you are courting decides to do a little search online of you and they come across this, just like the job there will be no call back.

While you can try and repair this all by yourself it can take a really long time, your best bet would be to get an Online Reputation Management firm to assist you. Having professionals in your corner will take some of the weight off your back and allow you to continue with your life. Of course you can avoid all of this by not getting caught up in the Social Media frenzy but it’s easier said than done.

You can love Social Media one moment and hate it the next, but whatever you do make sure it doesn't control you or what people think of you.

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