Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tools Needed to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

Maintaining your  online reputation is a hard thing to do. It is a necessity though because you need to be on top of things when your reputation is on the line. You want to know what is being said about you, and if there is any negative comments being said in order to steer them towards the right direction. Below are some tools that will help you maintain your reputation and stay on top of it.

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a much needed tool because all you need to is type in words relating to your business, especially your name, and it would give you email notifications about regarding conversations being made about your business. What better way on staying on top of things. This way you can jump directly into conversations and fix those negative comments being made about you.

2. SocialMention

SocialMention is extremely helpful because it is free and it lets you view the positive, neutral, and negative conversations that are being said about you. If you see a large amount of negative conversations being said about you jump on it and see what the problem is.

3. Topsy

Just like Google Alerts this tool will send you emails, and the best thing is that it's free.

4. Grader

This tool helps you get in depth analysis on your social media accounts. Once again helping you to control what is being said about you.

Having different tools to help your online management is very beneficial. You want to be in control of what is being said about you, and even though you may not have complete control at times, it is very satisfying to know that you could take measures in order to fix that.

Centel Media™, an online management company, will help you build and maintain your online reputation as well. It is very hard and time consuming to maintain your online reputation, especially with rival companies trying to put a bad name out there. There is no easy way to take care of your online reputation, and you must put in the time and effort to build it. Take the right measures, think twice before posting or how you respond to certain comments made about you, and you will be on the track to maintaining a positive online reputation.

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