Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who Told You That??

Rumors, whether true or not can spread quicker than the speed of a cheetah chasing an antelope in the African safari. And in the world we live in today with the internet and Social Media networks booming louder and stronger than before, you can best believe what we know about you here in the U.S. will be on the front cover of the tabloids all the way in France before you the chance explain yourself.

The struggles of being a celebrity not much if you can avoid the obvious pitfalls that trap the most successful but mentally weak. One thing you can pretty much bank on is rumors about you online that may be true or may not but once your name or your brand is searched in Google or Bing, you can bet out of the first 10 results you will see at least 3 out of those 10 have negative reviews about you. While it's important for any business or celebrity to get to the root of where these false rumors and negative reviews are coming from what's most important to them is how they remove them and put in place the positive reviews about them and their brand.

While a persons first instinct would be to come out in person to denounce these rumors that just covers you for a little bit of time, you must keep in mind the internet has a mind of its own but is controlled by the billions of people who use it each day. So how do you control the internet you ask, well you can't it's virtually impossible sorry to disappoint you. But what you can control is what's being said about you when you are searched online. How do you  do that you ask, simple Reputation Management.Reputation Management is  surefire way to provide not only positive search results but it also helps filter out any sites that may be  harmful and get rid of any prior negative results and keywords that once gave you a damaging reputation.

Reputation Management is tailored made for you to ensure that when you or your company is mentioned online that only the positive results show up first. Yes you are not going to satisfy everyone you come in contact with and you will have people saying bad things about you. Its when those things people say become lies and false rumors it becomes one big snowball that you have to try and slow down before it's too late and the damage becomes irreversible. Letting a Reputation Management firm handle your online profile is one less task you have to worry about and lets you focus on running your business.

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