Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Your Company Needs Online Reputation Managment

It does not matter what kind of profession you are in or what business you are trying to run, everybody needs some sort of online reputation management. For example, a lawyer is going to want his name out there so that he can get clients to come to his own private practice. If he does nothing to market his brand or name, he is going to have a hard time attracting new people. It is well known that many people today do their research on Google in order to find more about the person or business that they want to be associated with. This is why online reputation management is much needed, you do no want your name or business to be tainted by negative reviews. If your business or name does not have any negative reviews you should still build a technique called Personal Branding. Personal Branding is way of building your reputation and maintaining and managing your online identity, and this helps get promotions, seek a better job, etc. There are two skills that are needed under Personal Branding and they are inbound and outbound marketing. Both should be used in order to maximize your potential. Inbound marketing is becoming an expert in the product/service you are offering and having the customers come to you. You are not hunting down customers/clients, instead they are coming to you because they know you are the best and have the best expertise. Of course this will only be successful if you have online reputation management. You need a good respectable name with more positive reviews than negative ones. Remember that you need to build the right type of leadership in the industry and have this is a building block to maintain the online reputation that you want. Next is outbound marketing which is your typical more traditional form of marketing where you reach out to customers. Emails, networking events, trade shows, conference calls, are all examples on how you can reach out to customers. Having this technique of building your personal brand should also be used with blogging and having others link to your social profiles so that you have barriers that no one can harm. Maintaining an online reputation is crucial and you should manage it with caution.

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