Friday, July 19, 2013

Bigger Than Your Reputation

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Your online reputation goes everywhere with you. It doesn't take a rest. Even when you are asleep, it is awake protecting your business, but still vulnerable to any negative attack. Your reputation doesn't just live at home, it travels all over. Even though you are doing work in one specific country, your reputation could be thousands of miles away and you don't even know it.

Globalization has brought the world together and has allowed many people in other countries to make a living, but unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs due to globalization, so it is a double edged sword. Big businesses have used globalization to get work done faster and more effectively, but that doesn't come without its own troubles such as unfair labor practices, low wages and other inhumane actions that have taken place over the years.

As consumers we really don't think about what the process is to get the clothes and shoes we're only interested if they have our size and color we want. If you think that is harsh, imagine the reputation some of these companies that have businesses overseas who make clothes. A lot can be said about a person who knows that they are treating people unfairly but still continues to do business in the same way. The reputation that these companies have is being attacked on a daily basis, mostly negative, but they somehow manage to do business and make profit.

Most companies are aware of what is being said about them online, both domestically as well as internationally, but they refuse to let that interfere with the business. Many of these same businesses have been boycotted or has had rallies and marches in front of their headquarters. So, if people have taken action and it is known by those in charge that they participate in these practices, why hasn't it stopped?   

These businesses have become too successful to fail. Their presence in the business world has become bigger than their reputations, and it shows. As I pointed out earlier, consumers are not too concerned with how the clothes are made. If you were to go online and look at the reviews, you wouldn't find one about labor practices. Instead, you would see most reviews about the quality of clothing and the speed of shipping. For the past couple of years, businesses have begun providing better services and making an attempt to improve their reputations. It is a slow process that won't happen overnight, but if they continue to work at it on a daily basis, it will improve.

Your presence can be bigger than everything else, including your reputation. You shouldn't rest if you have a negative reputation though, because that can quickly catch up.

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