Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blessing in Disguise

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There are times when things just seem a little to perfect the way they fit in with each other and that can make you somewhat skeptical of the situation. And you should be because as we all know nothing in this world is perfect but things can come very close to it at least in our eyes. Opportunities may come when you least expect them but you have been working hard and diligently for so long that when it came you were more than prepared to take this opportunity.

You might plan for a something down the line when you feel that you will be ready to take it on with no restrictions but sometimes it doesn't work like that. It might come way ahead of schedule and you might not be ready for it at the moment but you would be a fool to let it pass by. If it does make its way back to you when you are ready it may not be the same and you will be left thinking why didn't I take the offer when it was presented to me.

We all have plans but on average I would say 30% of that plan gets fully executed reason being is nothing ever comes in a straight line, there are curves and turns that we have to face in order to fully complete our plans. As a business owner you have to be prepared for these twists and turns, I’m sure you have a plan as to how you would like things to go but are fully aware that the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. In my opinion one of the biggest skills an owner needs to have is the ability to adjust their plans according to what is being thrown at them.

What that means is you have to be quick on your toes, you can't control the market or how a customer thinks. When trends become a major influence to customers it is important that you are able to capitalize on it and make adjustments accordingly. Now that doesn't mean going out of your area of expertise but making sure when the wave comes your way you can ride it out and not worry about wiping out.

Many times these new trends can open up new doors for you; maybe you have been considering expanding when you reached a certain level of profitability but it came before you reached that goal. Do you pass it up or do you take it and adjust your plans accordingly. The answer is ultimately up to you and whatever route you choose will have an impact on you for many years to come.  

You can't choose when the opportunity for success comes knocking, you're either ready or not. And if you're not you still take this chance because it might not come back around for a long time it and that's if it chooses to come back.

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