Thursday, July 11, 2013

Building Links

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We all know how important online reputation is to your online image. Building links however, is not talked about too much in regards to how it correlates with your online reputation. Many businesses tend to pay to have good links, but this is not a recommended process of doing things. Instead, you should do it the honest way, which is achieved by having your customers post positive content that promotes your brand or product.

Get in the habit of sending thank you notes to your clients through mail or email. Sending these types of notifications show your customers that you actually care about them, and they will be pleased that you took the time to thank them for their business. Who knows what type of effect this could have on them. Many customers like to post things on social media accounts nowadays, and this is the type of attention you want as a business owner. Having happy customers posting positive content on their social media accounts will generally lead people to your main page.

If you start noticing that happy customers are posting pictures with your product on their social media accounts, then you should ask them if it is ok to re-post the content on your company page. Many of them will be fine with the idea. Who doesn't want their picture for others to see? They will be happy to find out that their name and photos are on a company website that they will tweet about it, thus generating even more of a flow towards your company page.

Admitting to your mistakes is another crucial component when you want to generate good links. If you have a product that did not meet the customer's standard, or anything that encounters some type of error, take responsibility for it. Issue a public apology and post it on your blog or on your company website. You will be surprised on how many customers will value this honesty, and you will earn some positive feedback from this, such as good links.

Building links has to be a priority when it comes to maintaining the type of online reputation you want. Make sure to take the time and effort when it comes to building your online reputation, because you want to paint the right type of image to your customers about your brand name.

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