Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Facebook: What You Can Do to Aid Your Business

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The social world of Facebook allows for plenty of opportunity to connect your business to the public through the appeal of your Facebook page. Its design, what you post and the number of likes you manage to gather all have an immense impact on how far and wide your Facebook page can reach, and thus how much you can expand your business. If you wish to catch the eye of potential customers through social media, then Facebook is a good place to start. Following a few simple guidelines, you can build a Facebook page that not only represents your business, but what makes your business one of a kind.

As in any other endeavor online, webpage design can mean the difference between success and failure. A potential customer will accumulate his or her first impression through the design of the first webpage they come into contact with. A page that emits a pristine, professional feel gives your business a distinct advantage that will instantly place your business ahead in the race to gain clientele. Facebook is no different, so make sure that your Facebook page lives up to a professional standard that reflects your business. If this seems daunting and difficult to achieve on your own, Centel Media™ offers services in social media page design that can drastically improve your business's appearance on Facebook.

Beyond the general appearance of your page, the content you post on Facebook becomes critical in keeping your potential customers interested and engaged in what you offer. This is the time for a little creativity. Of course, you want to give your page viewers the overall gist of what your business is about and the service/product you supply, but in order to separate yourself from your competition, it is key to think outside the box. Write short, catchy posts that can catch viewers' attention while also pointing out aspects that defines your business and shows off what makes you unique. Using videos or other forms of media to connect to your audience couldn't hurt either.

The final keys to Facebook success are likes. Likes are often the string that links your page to a wider audience. When one user likes something on your Facebook page, that something becomes planted on that person's timeline and thus viewable to all the friends of that person. So, even one like can result in dozens of more page views from the friends of that individual user. And we all know that page views result in a greater chance of landing new clientele. What can be difficult is gathering these likes in the first place. If you are having difficulty getting likes for your business, consider Centel Media™ social media promoting services.

Social media can generate new and exciting paths to take your business, and if you make the right choices in how you approach Facebook, your business will surely grow.

By Matt Shaffer,
Creative Writer, 

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