Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guilty By Association

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Over the past 13 plus years, TV has provided us with one of the most entertaining genres ever to be created: reality TV. While it may be entertaining for us, it might be the opposite for the participants on the show. These participants might have faced an uphill battle when it came to trying to find employment or working to repair their reputation.

We all know reality television is scripted and is meant to play out a certain way to draw more and more viewers each week. The participants in these shows are more than willing to go along with this for the right price. But when the show is over and the reunion show has wrapped up, where do the participants go from there? Trying to pick up your life from where you last left it will now be harder than before because of this new found fame.

Getting back to regular life maybe easier for some because they did not last long on the show or they were the "good guy" who everyone rooted for every week. Those who really became the stars and stood out on the show, often for the wrong reason, have most likely found themselves struggling to get the job they had before or find work somewhere else.

The job factor is important, but what has the most damaging impact is the reputation obtained through the show. They now have to shed this reputation to prove they are not that same person. Contrary to what you believe, not everyone is a fan of reality TV. In all honesty, the quality of the shows has gone to new heights of personal destruction in order to keep viewers.

The reputation that follows them from the show is not a reflection of who they really are, but it is the impression we get. It is now up to them to show they are not that person, and this starts with online reputation management. Most shows have forums for viewers to chat and comment on, and it becomes a place where people express their true feeling and opinions.

Repairing your reputation is the best way to show you are not who the show portrays you to be and that you are, in fact, a totally different person. It will take work to move your reputation from reality TV star to a regular Joe, but if you want to move on, you must make the necessary changes.

Change is necessary when it means moving on with your life and starting fresh. Though people may see you in a certain light, it is up to you to change that perception.

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