Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Deal With Negative Reviews on Yelp

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As many people know, Yelp is an online site where reviews and comments are made by customers regarding all types of businesses. A positive online reputation is extremely important when it comes to business owners because you want your company to have positive remarks, and therefore happy customers. In order to build a professional and positive online reputation, you need to deal with certain issues in an efficient and professional manner.

Negative reviews are never going to go away. There is always going to be some dissatisfied customer who did not go through a good experience. This is perfectly fine. He or she will most likely write a negative comment on Yelp, but remember to remain calm and take the right approach to this matter. Reacting without reflection always lead to more problems, and a comment made without reflection will only make your situation worse.

Do not attack the comment directly, or have a full on argument on display for others to see. Instead, try to take the conversation offline. Direct them to your Facebook for a private conversation in order to deal with the manner in a more reasonable and effective manner. Dealing with negative reviews will also prove to be a learning experience for you and your staff as well. You will learn that negative comments should be resolved fairly quickly in order to stop any other problems from occurring.

Searching for negative comments will become extremely important when it comes to your online reputation. Not only will you at least try to understand the frustration and the complaint from the customer, but you will also learn what not to do in the future. Maybe your approach on what customer service is about is not at a high standard. Reading a negative comment made by a customer regarding such will help you come across areas that need to be addressed.

Learning how to improve your online reputation and what to do in certain situations, as described above, takes time and patience. An online management company such as  Centel Media™ will help you go through this process in a much more effective manner. They have professionals that know exactly what to do with negative comments, and will work towards giving you the type of online reputation you need in order to be successful.

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