Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Identify and Handle Dangerous Comments

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The comment section, be it on your personal website, blog or social media page, can add much needed conversation that generates cross-traffic to your site; however, it may also hinder your reputation. Having control over your comment section is a tricky task that requires a sensitive touch. In order to properly handle comments, you need to identify what comments may lead to problems, address the comment in a constructive manner and continue to display an attitude that encourages freedom of speech and respect.

Not all comments lead to problems for your reputation, even if they come across as negative. Often times, negative comments are placed to simply suggest changes to your site or what you provide via your site. It is essential to distinguish the difference between constructive criticism and slander. A well-run website will always take constructive criticism into consideration and know when to make a change. However, comments that promote hatred, intolerance or insult either directed at you, your company or any of your website's visitors should not be tolerated and handled appropriately.

Poisonous comments will hurt your website's reputation and sense of professionalism. It is essential to take action through moderation, and in many cases, removal of destructive comments. However, there are always written reviews that don't necessarily promote hatred, but still negatively influence your interests. These instances are much more tricky, and if you have difficulty coming up with a solution to handle negative reviews, Centel Media™ offers services to aid in the process.

The problematic situation that arises from tampering with comments is whether doing so detracts from the freedom to leave comments on your site in the first place. To install a sense of respect towards the visitors of you site, you should be sure to push an atmosphere of openness and eagerness to listen to any and all comments. Keep the comment section clean, on topic and friendly so that new visitors see your site as a safe place to state their opinions and observations free from any negative reaction from others on the site.

In all, comments help promote your material and are a necessity in the expansion of you and your interests. Finding a way to maintain professionalism in your comment section will go a long way in the development of your site.

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