Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quieting Your Critics

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As a business owner, you will most certainly have your fair share of critics and naysayers that will try to slander and devalue the company you have worked hard to build. It is your job to quiet them, but not by responding back verbally or through social media. You respond back by making sure the product you have is the best on the market. You respond by ensuring your customers feel comfortable shopping with you, either in store or online.

We all know business is very competitive. People will do almost anything to see their business rise and stay at the top. Each customer gained is a profit added and each customer lost is a profit gone, so the tension is beyond thick when it comes to business. While it may seem like shark infested waters, the business with the best strategy for growth and sustainability is usually the one that last the longest and endure the most.

What you are going to face as a business owner won't just consist of regulations by the government or any other governing body. It will involve ridicule and mudslinging from your rivals. It's an understatement to say you need to have thick skin if you get into business. If you don't have it or don't develop it quickly, you will not last long in this industry.

When your critics call you out, it is only natural to want to respond back. In some instances, this might be warranted, but it is not usually the best route to go. Responses usually lead to back and forth, which takes the focus of your business operations and can allow for some other person to swoop in and claim your territory. But you can't just ignore them right? That means they will only get louder and assume they have backed you into a corner into defeat.

Your best move to silence your critics is to continue with business operations as usual. It makes you look like the bigger person because you are ignoring what can simply be considered a troll, but in the form of a rival business. Another excellent move to make is hiring an online reputation management firm. By doing so, you are protecting your blind spots which are the internet and social media. You will be alerted against any attack that has been brought to you. You can rest assure that it will be dealt with, so you can continue to focus on your business.

Taking the action of hiring a reputable firm such as Centel Media™ not only makes sure you are protected, but it gives you a voice among the masses. The masses belong to the social media world. News travels faster than the speed of light, so it is imperative that you are represented and can interact with your fans and customers. By doing that, you are showing them they are number one and you are much too valuable of a company to get involved in simple feuds with rivals.

Silence is often the best weapon of choice when it comes to business. This, along with a strong counter punch in the form of a reputable online reputation management firm, makes for a lethal combination. 

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