Monday, July 29, 2013

Speak From the Heart

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The best thing you can do for your business or brand when it is embroiled in turmoil and scandal is speak truthfully but most importantly speak from the heart. Customers don't want to listen to a written apology or statement that in all likelihood wasn't written by you.

It makes you seem like a puppet who is just trying to save himself from further trouble. Though that is your goal it should be done with your fans and customers in mind, these are the same people that supported you when you were starting out and stuck with you through thick and thin. It is your responsibility not to give some weak speech or apology that you don't mean, all it shows is you could care less about the support you get from your customers.

Admitting your mistakes and wrongdoings are the first step in speaking from the heart, doing that means you are willing to accept whatever punishment comes your way. The next step should be speaking from your own personal point of view, say what needs to be said not what you think needs to be heard trust me if you do the latter people will smell it a mile away.

It bothers me sometimes when people read statements off of papers. I am not against it and I know you are not going to memorize a whole speech but what messes people up is their body language. The language that your body gives off and the expressions are going to overpower the words that are coming out of your mouths because we will be drawn to that rather than your words. Most people don't realize while they are speaking their body language is being analyzed and interpreted as well.

You would think that they would be properly trained before they went on TV to give a statement but I guess they fell asleep on that part on the lesson. For those with celebrity status i.e., athletes, actors and actresses this is a recurring theme that I see with them on a daily basis. Not only do they seem like they don't care but when being interviewed to give explanations the body language only cements their stance.

Soon enough they will learn that they should be a bit more professional and humble, after all you are speaking to people who support you and your future somewhat depends on their approval or disapproval of your actions. It is your best interest to present yourself not only professionally but honestly, no matter what you have done if you are honest in due time you will be forgiven.

Be Careful how you present yourself when you are speaking to the public especially if you are trying to redeem yourself. Negative body language and forced speeches will get you deeper into trouble rather than out of it.

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