Friday, July 12, 2013

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

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Most of you have heard the saying "old habits die hard." Once you are stuck in your routine and have been doing it the same way for many years, it is very hard to try and change. But what happens when society forces you to change? We are in the middle of a revolution where technology has risen to the top of the communication platform, and now almost all daily transactions are done using it.

Being stuck in your ways is nothing to be ashamed of; we all have our own ways of doing certain things. If someone were to introduce a newer way of doing something, we would probably freak out. You can refer to it as your comfort zone, a place where you feel at home and have no restrictions on how you work or do your work. Still, life hands us changes and when you are in business, changes come so rapidly that you never get the chance to adjust to it.

One thing you must be prepared for as a business owner is change, and it can occur at any moment. When change does come, you must have a plan or a strategy to deal with the changes and make sure your company is able to take on whatever on is being thrown at you. Businesses that have been operating since the 1970s and 1980s are perfect examples of adapting to change, whether they wanted to or not. It is amazing that they have continued to make profit while undergoing massive changes to how they have done business.

Teaching an established company new things and new methods can feel as if you are pulling teeth. They have been successfully doing business a certain way for such a long time, the need to try to change or upgrade is an idea they won't buy into. As much as I agree with companies standing their ground, I will say there is too much at stake for them to be stubborn. The fact is you are going to have to learn how to integrate technology into your business operations.

Changes like this can benefit you in ways you didn't think were possible. Imagine how many more audiences you can reach with social media accounts and blogging. The advantages are limitless. If you feel you need help, you have plenty of reputable firms out there willing to help you and make sure it is getting done the right way.

Being open to change when it comes to business can be the difference between success for the future or stagnation, until you eventually close up shop.

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