Friday, July 5, 2013

Trust In Your Team

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Trust is extremely overrated, but severely understated. In big companies, trust is always taught from the first orientation and further reiterated in the thick packets of ethics that the company follows. There is no watchdog that will oversee all of the things that employees do, so there is extra emphasis put on trust.

It is not what you do when somebody is looking, but it is what you do when they're not looking and it’s just you by yourself. This analogy is often used to filter out those who you can trust with those who you can't. It is very important, no matter how big the company is in size, that you can trust everyone from the CEOs at the top all the way down to the interns who have access to precious material.

Trust has a major effect on the company's direction, its profit, as well as the image and culture of the company. Above and beyond anything mentioned, if your company has a negative image or has developed a bad culture, you can forget about a profit. The only direction you are heading is down. We live in a global society and business is not just done on a domestic level anymore. Some countries are very strict and hold their country's culture in the utmost respect. It is safe to say, if your company's culture is not one of much honor, you can forget about doing business with most countries.

You build and develop a team who can best represent you and your business when you are not present. It is there that trust really gets put to the test, because, as I have said many times before, those who work for you or for another company are a representation of that company. The last thing you want to hear or see is your company being blacklisted due to the actions of the employees.

When an event like that occurs, it is going to be trouble until you make an attempt to fix it. In no way should you take a wait and see approach--that should be the last thought on your mind. Repairing your reputation and hiring trustworthy employees are what your priorities should be. If you take the proper steps to start the process of improving your culture and repairing your reputation, in time, customers and fellow businesses will begin to trust you again.

Trust can destroy your company or it can take you to heights you have never seen before. But before you soar above the clouds, make sure your team is capable of holding the company up as it rises.

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