Friday, July 5, 2013

Useful Tips For Young Adults

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Young adults are the ones who are the most savvy when it comes to computers and other tech handy devices. You should also be aware of your online reputation because it is becoming more and more important in the world today. Everything that one does revolves around the internet nowadays. Whether they're applying for jobs, colleges, or trying to maintain a business, young adults should be more aware of online reputation and how to maintain it professionally and positively.

Before going public with certain information, think about it. Too many people tend to post comments or pictures they would not want a person of authority to see. Some posts have a spur of the moment type of feeling and these can be really detrimental to your online reputation. Gossiping, rude, and inappropriate comments about a teacher, employer, or another person should not be posted. These can be signs of immaturity to a future employer or to the school you plan to attend. Do not act on emotion. Think about the consequences that come about when you post comments about others.

Understand the page's privacy settings. Many people tend to think that their online posts and comments are only viewable by their friends. This may not be the case. If they did set their privacy settings improperly, that one embarrassing photo may now be available for all to see. Check your privacy settings and make sure that they are set to your liking. Embarrassing posts and pictures can be with you forever--do not let such simple matters paint a negative image of you on the internet.

Be aware of what your friends are posting about on your social media accounts. Everybody has those friends that post comments or pictures without thinking about who it could effect. Do not let them post negative information your page or attach your name, indicating you are part of this negative content. Explain to them how important your online reputation is to you. If they still don't seem to care, make an effort to block them from posting on your page.

Finally, sexting is definitely something you should avoid when comes to your online reputation. Even though you may think you are sharing an intimate photo with a significant other, you are not in control of who can see these types of photos. It is very easy to forward a picture and you do not want to be embarrassed in this type of fashion. Sexting can cause your online reputation to be tainted and damaged very quickly. Avoid at all costs.

Be aware of your online reputation as a young adult and remember that certain actions may dictate the type of image you will be giving to future employers.

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