Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Not to Do With SEO

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Optimizing your website's search engine capability can be a hassle and often times websites make simple mistakes that prevent better results. To improve your SEO, you must be aware of what mistakes you are making before you can truly flourish on sites like Google. Simple errors such as ignoring your website's potential in social media, failing to write the right material and not branching out all lead to dysfunctional SEO.

It's a no-brainer for modern websites to include links to social media with the sheer number of people using sites like Facebook and Twitter. But many websites continue to fail at adapting their material to the socialmedia format. Short and sweet is the key to all social media sites, so in order to attract viewers from such sites you must carry this advice over to your website as well. Always write material with social media in mind, especially the headlines and subtitles.

Whatever the topic may be, content posted on webpages must include ways to attract the outside audience. The more people who respond to your content, the better your results on search engines will be. This may seem like a tough task, and it generally is, but if you do your best to write material that forces other people to respond, then the more luck you will have. To achieve this, your content must have a unique edge that others will feel compelled to write about themselves, and thus need to link back to your own website.

Of course, you can't always hope for people to just flock to your website on their own. It takes a little effort on your part to visit other people's websites and blogs to gains some attention and cross-traffic leading to your site. While you are doing your part simply through the act of commenting, it often takes a bit of creativity to attract a larger audience. Stay positive and respectful to the owners of the sites or blogs you comment on and try to add something new to the conversation generated by the sites' content.

SEO requires a lot of work and consistency in order to move up on the results page. If you need help with this for your website, consider Centel Media™. They offer SEO service through Google AdWordsOptimization, along with general website design services, domain nameregistration, blog creation and social media page design and promoting.

By Matt Shaffer,
Creative Writer,

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