Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coming Up with the Right Domain Name

When first creating your website, there's a lot riding on what you register as the domain name. If a domain name is made too obscure or inappropriate for your site, you've already taken a huge misstep that damages your chances at a successful website. Domain names that are relevant to you site's interest will market your website for you, gathering viewers who are looking for what you offer through search engines. When thinking up your domain name, you should match it with your site's name or purpose and make it easy to remember.

There are many websites who've taken domain names lightly and registered them contradictory to the website's own name. Your domain name should always reflect what your website is based on. If you have a company called Acme Electronics and you're creating a site for the first time, then your domain name should be "www.acmeelectronics.com" or "www.acme.com," something that uses your company or brand name. An obscure domain name that has nothing to do with the name of your site, business or brand, is going to confuse potential viewers and mislead them to another competitor's site.

If you don't exactly have a brand name, then you should concentrate on creating a domain name that is close to whatever interest your website is based on. Although it may be difficult to get a domain name that is incredibly generic like "weather" or "phones," you can still try for a domain name that's as close to the topic as possible. Take whatever unique aspect that separates your site from others that are similar and try to put it in the domain name. This is a good way to distinguish yourself and use your domain name to attract people who are looking for the specific interest you're selling.

Another tip is to make your domain name memorable. A short and simple domain name is always a good route to go, but you shouldn't diverge from your site's focus just to make it short. Not all short domain names are memorable, especially if it is a series of obscure letters or numbers that don't add up to words or phrases. If you must make a longer domain name to ensure its close relation to your site's name and topic, then don't hesitate to do so.

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