Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From Fame to Infamy

Being thrust into the public eye can be so overwhelming that keeping up a good image becomes a monumental task. Many famous celebrities have fallen victim to the hyperactive world of fame, finding themselves looked down at as something less than human and in severe cases, end up dead. All the examples of public figures who have fallen from grace share the same downward spiral that dragged them into misery and shame. For those trying to grow a newly found fame, learning from past celebrity mistakes can help you steer clear of trouble and maintain a positive image.

Once a public figure starts down a road of trouble, they often have a difficult time recovering and retaining a stable life. Bad publicity can weigh heavy on those who don't have the right defense, causing depressive symptoms that may lead to irrational acts or drug abuse. Maintaining a strong armor to fend off bad publicity is essential, but if a celebrity's pride becomes too sensitive, they may not handle any negative situation correctly. Helpful friends and family members also add to a strong resistance, but too many celebrities surround themselves with bad influences who just add to their problems.

Further down the road of decline, celebrities begin to cope with excess stress by delving into poor behavior. Drugs are an epidemic in the world of fame, taking hold of many gifted souls with great potential who desperately wish to escape the immense pressure, only to sink deeper. Under the influence, celebrities begin to make bad decisions that lead to a life of crime or public humiliation that further cements their fate. Staying above the hardships and maintaining one's health are the answers to rebound from traumatic events and start the healing process.

Although the tragic cases are numerous, there are also the figures who recovered from drugs or other poor lifestyles to become prominent role models in society. Rehabilitating one's life from severe crisis is an enormous obstacle, but taking one step at a time and holding on to the most important things in life are the keys to reform. With the severe scrutiny that has developed during the Internet Age, it has become more and more difficult to fend off the destructive aspects of fame, but if you have a tough resistance and strong resolve, nobody can bring you down.

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