Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Managing Your Online Reputation

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Your online reputation should be taken with extreme consideration and managed with the right skills and technique. As a business owner you should be aware of all the negative content that can surround your name on a daily basis and that is why searching your name constantly on Google is extremely important. Checking your name should be a daily routine that you do, such as brushing your teeth, you want to make sure you are constantly on top of things so that if you see anything wrong you can fix it before it gets worse.

Buying domain names is also important because it will allow for you to have a control over the content that will be on the internet. Include your bio, blogs, anything that will help receive positive content to counter act the negative. Be sure to be organized where you put this type of content in order for others to easily view your information as well as other links to your social media accounts for example.

Social media accounts are very important when it comes to your online reputation. At the same time however, they can be your worst enemy if these accounts are not used properly. The point of a social media account as a business owner or professional is to network. Expanding your business, or meeting people that are in your field of business is the main idea. It is not a place to post inappropriate content, such as photos showing drinking or inappropriate activity. You will be digging yourself a major hole if you do not use your social media account in a professional manner.

Interaction with your customers and how you react to comments is also vile to your success. If you receive a negative comment on the internet remember to post without over reacting, or reacting out of emotion. Acting out of emotion will only cause your customers to think less of you, and perhaps lose their business. Remember that the customers that are going to leave comments about your brand name are either going to have a remarkable experience that is worth writing about, or a horrible experience in order to warn future customers. Make sure that you treat every comment with a professional attribute, and deal with the situation with a clear mind.

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