Friday, August 2, 2013


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I bet if we had the ability to see into the future we would change what we do today to ensure that we would be better off in our future. But unfortunately we don't have the power to do that so as mere mortals we are stuck trying to make today a better day for tomorrow. Projection is a heavily used word in business and sports; it is based on how others see you doing in the future and how you will fare against sudden changes and events.

Where do you see yourself five, ten or fifteen years from now? What are the projections for your business that the so called experts have forecasted for you? While it can be very good to have your company named in projections, the work you put in is going to be the real projection for growth. What people can assume your business will do is one thing, but only you can come up with the results not any expert forecast.

Who is to say that projections are correct, after all many of times people have projected a stock to rise or a team to win the championship only to see the stock fall and the team not even make the playoffs. There is little weight held in a projection in fact there is none at all. If you ask a CEO of what he thinks about his projected company quarterly earnings he would say he could care less. The same with the coach of a professional sports team, ask them if they care and the response you get back would be filled with expletives.

The point I am trying to make is when you are starting the projections that people will make for your business will be downright depressing. Let that be your inspiration to succeed rather than be intimidating. I started off this blog with the thought of all humans being able to see into the future and what that would mean. Those experts who make those projections are trying to possess that power but they fall very short. And not only do they fall short they are wrong half of the time! Some power they have they should get their money back. Projections are filled with human error but hard work is filled with blood, sweat, tears and the desire to not lose and be successful.

Hard work can't be projected or forecasted. It is only measured by how much you put into your business and the return it gives you in the form of success.

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