Monday, August 26, 2013

Protect Your Company From Bad Break-Ups

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When relationships end, it can be messy, especially if either party is walking away hurt or angry. Anger can inhibit the thought process like a drug. Adrenaline is pumping, nostrils are flared, and people start to react in unpredictable ways. Mostly, these feelings of hurt or anger manifest themselves into poor choices, choices that have consequences long into the future, long after the anger has subsided.
Revenge is a common response during moments like these. It’s human nature to attempt to ‘get even’ in order to alleviate our own pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or professional business relationship, or why it ended and who ended it. Both parties are in a vulnerable state, open to the possibility of revenge.
Ending business relationships, such as firing an employee or terminating a customer's contract, could alleviate problems for a company. But, it can also cause an unwanted backlash of anger and revenge from the employee or customer. Of course, you should never feel obligated to keep employing or doing business with such people. What you need, is to be prepared and able to handle their reaction.
The consequences of vengefulness in business can result in massive turmoil. Slanderous messages towards or about your company can appear in inboxes, social media platforms, television news, radio, and print. Depending on the depth of disgruntlement and hostility of the employee or customer, this could continue for months and seriously impact the reputation of your company.   
Although negative customer comments or reviews can be harmful, slanderous comments from former employees can be worse. These employees have inside knowledge of your brand. Like a cat burglar with a set of blueprints, a disgruntled employee knows the layout of your company, all the weak and vulnerable areas to attack. Managing this type of ‘break-up’ and reputation breach can be difficult if you don't know the steps to recovery.

When these type of revenge tactics present themselves online, they will harm your online reputation. For any online business, taking quick action to curb negative, slanderous comments must be a top priority. Such situations deserve the attention of professional internet reputation management services. Companies like Centel Media™ can restore your brand's reputation and corporate image with services tailored to address your specific needs, concerns, and goals.

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