Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Protect Your Privacy

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Your privacy is what allows you to get away from the daily stress that life graciously gives to you. It is that one moment of the day where you don't have to worry about a case you are working on, completing a deal or anything that will more than likely bring on more stress to you. What about your online privacy, how important is that to you? Are all your social media accounts secured? Are you the only one who knows the passwords? These unfortunately situations can bring a lot of harm to your online reputation if you are not careful.

There has been a commercial on TV lately talking about privacy but not about your identity or credit cards but your social media accounts. The times have certainly changed and a new market has opened up, people are now becoming victims of fraud not by their bank accounts but by their social media accounts. Keep in mind that social media is just an extension of your personality when you are not in office or in a professional setting. So for people to become victims of fraud on these platforms raises a lot of questions.  

My first question is how much information you are putting on these sites, I know when filling out an application you have options to put phone numbers, email addresses and even your location! Those options right there are can be trouble if you choose to fill them out. Your email address should not be published online; you should never put your phone number online especially on a social media account. While your location is acceptable it should stop with your city and state nothing more.

You are already exposed by having your pictures online don't make easier for a potential hacker, stalker or creep to find you steal your identity and create another life for you will you live your own life. It is a crazy thing to imagine but according to some articles and TV commercials this form of identity theft is becoming very popular.

The best thing you can do to make yourself less likely to be a target is have an account on just one social media account, cut down your exposure. You don't need to be active all over social media you're just asking for attention and you will receive it. The best way to get through this efficiently and thoroughly is to hire an online reputation management firm that will help you restore your reputation

Just when you thought it was safe to come out and play online it's not. You find yourself looking at you but you already have an account, you then realize you have been hacked and it is not a good feeling.

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