Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Social Media Reputation

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Social Media is another way to connect with people, in some ways it is more efficient and takes less time than the standard routes of communication. It has also become an essential tool for businesses who want to attract a younger audience. In some ways social media has replaced your newspaper as the go to place if you wanted to get coupons for your favorite brand.

But just like anything online it is important to make sure that your accounts are not being used to respond to negative comments, it is important to keep it professional at all times. It may be tempting to respond to some comments but your businesses social media account is not the forum to do that. Your online reputation consists of more than just your website and comments that are written about you. Your socialmedia account is a big part of that.

Being that social media is less restrictive than a professional webpage people might find it easier to attack your reputation. The effect that this can have on your company is very damaging because everyone can see what someone one says about you. All it takes is one post and millions of people can view a negative comment about you which can get bigger if you do not take care of the problem as soon as it happens.

Your social media accounts are your customers go to place to get updates and more of an inside peek of your company. You want the atmosphere to be very inviting and pleasant, there should not be any negative comments left out in the open for everyone to see. It looks bad on your part because it makes your page look very sloppy, there should not be a compliment followed by three negative comments. Those comments should be taken care of and removed.

Monitoring your account is easier said than done, it can take a lot of time and attention away from your other business operations. It is very advisable that you hire either a team of experienced social media users or an online reputation firm that can help enhance your social media presence as well as monitor your account against any attack. Just like your online reputation it is very sensitive and should be handled by professionals who specialize in this particular field.

When dealing with your online reputation never hesitate to get help. It’s an investment that will pay itself off before you realize it.

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