Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Something Old, Something New

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In today's world we are quick to dismiss anything that is not modern or not up with today’s time. We are truly doing ourselves a disservice when we choose to leave "old" methods in the past. Little do we know most businesses have been around before we were born and just because we have social media and most if not all businesses are active on those websites does not mean that they should be the measuring stick for how a business is supposed to be developed.

Before this technology boom businesses depended on other means to survive and promote their business to the masses.Social media came along and has given businesses a chance to expand and get their brand out to a wider audience, but a business should still have a foundation where they don't have to depend on social media to develop their business. I actually think that businesses that thrived before technology became so big are at a huge advantage over everyone else.

Those businesses are structurally stronger because they have had to use lesser means for promotion such as newspaper ads, radio and TV. While these three methods of promotion are still very strong they don't have the same effect as a mobile app or an e-mailed coupon. Before we were pulling out our phones to upload a coupon or opening an app we had to use newspapers and circulars. From a competition standpoint it really brought out the best in everybody because the pickings were thin, so you had to stand out and appeal to your audience if you wanted business.

That was the old way; the new way consists of mobile marketing, scan codes on the side of every product we buy and other tech savvy methods to increase business. If you want information on something just pull out your phone and scan it and a coupon along with a newsletter will be sent to you. What used to take hours now takes minutes to do.  

In my opinion it would be wise for a company to adapt an old school method and apply it to the way you do business today. While a technology based foundation is good, technology is changing every day and that means everyday your foundation shakes which is not good. If you were to apply some radio ads or create a circular that can be placed in papers that would stabilize you.

When one foundation becomes unstable you have another to fall back on which is going to keep you in business and guide you through a lot of tough times.

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