Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things To Consider Before Sending That Email

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Emails present a golden opportunity to engage or extend a relationship with potential or pre-existing customers. It also gives a business the chance to anticipate and answer questions about their products or services. But beware, emails may become a source of damage to your brand's reputation.
In both your personal and professional relationships, when communicating by email, there are numerous things to include or avoid.  Obvious suggestions like spelling and punctuation are to be reviewed before pressing send. But, there are some more meaningful aspects you should double check before bidding farewell to your latest email message.
1. Value the long-term relationship
It may be tempting to take short cuts in your correspondence, especially if the recipient is unknown. But, each online interaction is an opportunity to invest in something positive. Ask yourself – does the content of my email keep the conversation going? Does it positively reflect my interests?

2. Value your reader
Don’t be patronizing or talk down to your reader; they may not be an expert in your field, but they could lead you to future clients or connections to other business contacts. On that note, if your reader is a bridge between you and potential contacts, don’t abuse their position, be respectful of their individuality.
Do a little research to be mindful of the reader’s situation and current state; this may be difficult if your reader is unknown, but you can imagine your target audience and build a conversation from that starting point. For instance, if your reader is associated with a specific company, it would not be a good tactic to rave about their competitors.

3. Clear the way
Your job as author of an email is to be like a talented tour guide, pointing out relevant architecture to a tourist. Speak clearly and directly with your reader, don’t use jargon and slang that will trip them up along their journey.

Check these three points prior to each email to ensure you keep things coherent and meaningful for all parties. One email can set the tone for all future exchanges, don’t let an opportunity go by due to negligence on your part, spend the extra time to review and edit your emails, it will certainly pay off in the long run. Remember that all written content is a reflection of you and your business.

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