Friday, August 9, 2013

What Businesses Expect

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Now before you think I am sympathizing with big businesses and companies that make billions of dollars a year in profit I am not. What I am doing is simply explaining your rights as customers of these large corporations, yes the rights you have but were unaware of. It is a secret that you the customer control more of the store than you think you do, a majority of how a store is built inside and out is a result of trying to appease to you the customer.

Just like the customer has expectations of a business, a business has expectations of the customer just with a lot less freedom. Businesses expect customers to not only spend money (which is a given ) but above all they want loyalty. In no way is a business in any position to demand loyalty but it would be nice to have that solid foundation to call upon. I will say that there is a lot of loyalty on both sides of the fence and it is because of that loyalty that businesses have been around for over fifty years making positive profits.

Technology is a major driving force behind customer and business loyalty. Social Media has allowed businesses to in a way get a bit more personal with their customers which has created some relationships and destroyed some. But what social media has done is provide a 24/7 olive branch that is available year round. As customers the least we can do is give our feedback when a company asks, I myself am guilty of not taking any surveys or giving feedback.  

Our feedback is important because it is how a business plans its next move, contrary to what we believe a business needs us to survive and operate. If people stopped shopping at one store and went to another what do you think would happen to the store that lost customers? They would shut down they can't operate,there is no profit coming in. So if we do one thing let it be something that benefits us in the long run and feedback is what is going to benefit both us and the business.

 Often times we hear customers complain about certain businesses but it gets deeper than that and most of the time those same complaints are unjust and very damaging. Customers are not required to spend their money at one place we have the freedom to roam but we can't be upset about changes that we were informed of but ignored. If you love a brand do yourself a favor and stay informed and do the business a favor and give feedback.

The business customer relationship is a two way street though their may be more give and take on one end, both sides benefit from working with each other. 

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