Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tweet Like a Pro

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Since Twitter launched in July of 2006, the social networking site has grown an immense significance in modern culture. As of 2012, there were 500 million registered users. Today, if your brand is serious about reaching a large market and engaging current and prospective customers, your brand needs to have a legitimate presence on Twitter.

It is crucial to both protect and promote your brand when investing in social networks such as Twitter. Here are 10 missteps you or your business should avoid when using Twitter:

1. Ignoring followers: Don’t take your followers for granted. They are complimenting you on a public form just by following you. Appreciate and acknowledge them.

2. Ignoring complaints: When someone complains about your brand online there is no way to sweep it under the rug. Reply to them by trying to solve their issue, not by getting defensive and instigating a Twitter war.

3.  Never following back: If your brand doesn’t follow any other accounts it’s considered snobbish or pretentious. In addition, a lot can be learned by following other reputable and established brands.

4. Not updating: You created a Twitter account so you could tweet. Do so. Regularly.  

5. Cross posting: All social platforms are different, what works on one may not work on another. Keep your message consistent but your content original.

6. Only promoting: The fastest way to get un-followed is to continuously force a sell on your followers. Keep the promotions about your product to a minimum.

7.  Auto DM’s without reason: Auto direct messages are appropriate when welcoming a new follower, but sending them regularly is not only impersonal but obnoxious.

8. Retweeting compliments: If all your retweets are self-praise, it’s overkill. Remember, too much of a good thing, is a bad thing.

9. Leaving yourself vulnerable to hacks: Don’t forget to take precautions, like creating strong passwords. An account hack will not only ruin your twitter account, but ruin your entire online reputation.

Centel Media™ is the leading online reputation management company. As such, they offer services to assist you and your brand with the design of your Twitter pageCentel Media™ produces a professional backdraft and banner to be used in conjunction with a Twitter account. Their creative team has the expertise to produce engaging content for your brand while suppressing negative misconceptions associated with your online reputation.

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