Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Amazon ReKindled After Losses

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Amazon has become an iconic website on the Internet and is widely recognized as one of the premier Internet-based companies alongside giants such as Google. Unlike its competitors, Amazon is known for dealing in quality products that all buyers can trust. Additionally, they have expanded their services. Amazon is no longer just the middleman in sales between producers and consumers, but a producer of its own, creating the Kindle Fire to compete against Apple's iPad and other tablets. This appears to have paid off, as in a recent report their investment has narrowed initial losses and boosted sales figures.

Knowing when to grow has been part of Amazon's success, and any business can learn a thing or two from them. The online retailer has actually been working with losses since they decided to produce their own products. Now, they have managed to cut those losses by almost 150% from the same time a year ago. This is due in large part to their expansion into more international markets, offering more services to their Amazon Prime users, and free video streaming content.

Their rebound is astonishing considering the fact that this year has been dreadful for any type of business who deals in product sales. Even EBay posted a disappointing forecast citing complete lack of consumer confidence, a statement supported by many analysts who expect this to be one of the worst holiday shopping seasons in recent memory. Amazon, on the other hand, is looking forward to a prosperous holiday season due to the loyalty of their Amazon Prime members, who will take advantage of sales starting on Black Friday.

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