Friday, October 4, 2013

Criticism: What's Constructive and What's Destructive?

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Constructive criticism on the Internet you say? Isn't the Internet full of people who post things because they can and do so mostly with limited perspective? When browsing comments and reviews on blogs, forums, and video content, you tend to find a lot of people who cling to each other in support of a dissenting view. This can be anything from disgruntled employees on a business forum slamming their former employer, to reviews on a blog about the “poor writing” of a particular television show. Despite the consistent negativity across the Internet, there are some critiques that have value, shedding light on aspects of your company that need improving.

Filtering out the good criticism from the bad can be tricky. The Internet is full of people who wish to derail your progress in any way they can, especially through the use of slanderous comments and reviews. When these people or businesses target your company with their biased viewpoints, it’s often best not to directly respond to them and utilize some of Centel Media™ negative article, review, image or video suppression services to mitigate the damage.

Although all of the above is indeed true, there are also people with good intentions who want to encourage your company’s development. The first place to look would be your customers and supporters, rather than some anonymous person doing a video blog or a random forum post. If your company has a comment section or even a dedicated support page, you can usually find a good mix of both constructive and unrealistic criticism. Working out the differences can be challenging, but finding constructive advice and ironing out the reported problems will allow you to fine-tune your company's weaknesses and even recover the unhappy customers you’ve previously lost.

In fact, the simple act of responding to constructive criticism really makes your customers and clients feel as if they’re actually making a difference and not simply just another customer. Even if their constructive comment was overtly negative due to an error you know your company made, being respectful in your response will reinforce the credibility of your image. In the past, support hotlines would handle issues like these, but with the popularity of the Internet, online outreach has become an imperative part of customer service. We at Centel Media™ are here to help. Our trained professionals can design you a proper website and make it so customers and clients can more easily connect with you via the Internet.

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Creative Writer,
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