Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cut Out the Middle-Man: Take E-Commerce Into Your Own Hands

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Everyone knows about EBay and Amazon: they are two of the largest online product distributors in the world. Known for selling all kinds of items ranging from books, electronic gadgets, and clothing to the leftovers in someone's junk yard collection, these two sites are synonymous with online sales and are the best friends to any small business producer who can't afford or don't have the ability to distribute their products on their own. However, if you are capable of moving products on your own, then your company should definitely consider selling without the need of a middle-man distributor.

Being able to sell a product online is a big plus compared to the alternatives of recent past. Instead of needing a building solely designed as a distribution center for the public, your customers can buy directly from your warehouse or equivalent. There is no rent to pay to landlords, no clerks to run your business, and no maintenance of your shop. With half of your old-world business removed from the equation, all you have to worry about are your production or service facilities.

The biggest argument against online sales is often focused on trust. The customer never gets to hold the product in their hands and only has a photo of a factory-perfect model of the product to rely on. This is indeed a problem and one both EBay and Amazon have struggled with since their inception. For them, it’s a major issue because their products come from any number of sources, but for you and your company, it will be a lot easier depending on how well the reputation of your company's brand fairs. If you’re respected by the public, you’ll find a lot of customers willing to buy your products and services without too much thought.

Reaching that level of respectability is easier said than done. But, with Centel Media™ article, review, image and video suppression services, our professional staff will help improve your online reputation and boost E-Commerce for your website. If you have other needs such as raising your company’s presence on a search engine results page, finding ways to make your website stand out, or designing the perfect social media page, we have the right services at your disposal to help improve your online experience.

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