Thursday, October 3, 2013

Graduate with a Strong Online Reputation

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For those attending an institution of higher education, college is a time for growth, enlightenment, and discovery.  However, content posted to social networking sites can have dramatic consequences for students, possibly resulting in long-lasting damage to their future.

College students are very active social media users, always keeping up-to-date with trending topics and joining all the latest social networking platforms. What these students don’t often consider is how their online reputation could harm them later in life. Posted pictures of a night of drinking could mean the difference between landing a job or being unemployed, living with your parents. It’s also possible that, when these images are uploaded to social media websites, they won’t have significant repercussions right away, but five or ten years into a career, those pictures could resurface and call your reputation into question.

Another issue that college students should be mindful of, is writing on social media while in a compromised state. When doing so, tweets and status updates are oftentimes misspelled, garbled, or lead to revealing information that should remain private. The best advice is, if you’re going out for the night, to resist posting on any social media platform until you’re clear-headed the following day and can think over your posts a little better.

More and more employers are checking social media websites for information about their prospective employees, therefore, as a college student, be mindful of your future goals and keep a vigilant eye on your social media reputation. If inappropriate content has been posted, delete it right away and remove any tags associated with your name.

Unfortunately, suppressing negative content and cleaning up an online reputation can be tricky, and in many cases require personal confrontation. If there is someone in particular that is constantly posting negative content involving you, it may be time to delete that contact and use your social network’s blocking services to be sure they no longer have influence over your online reputation.

Be diligent about how you appear online. By starting out young, you have plenty of time to develop and build a solid and lasting reputation. If you want to ensure that your presence online is clean, consider Centel Media™ negative article, review, image or video suppression services.

Courtney Fisher,
Assistant Press Secretary,
Matthew Shaffer,

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