Monday, November 25, 2013

The Government Goes Nuclear

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It has finally happened. After a 52-48 vote in the Senate, the Democrats have taken away the Republicans’ ability to filibuster them. This is a pretty big deal in our current political climate because the Republican Party has basically taken every opportunity to filibuster as much of the Democrats’ legislation as possible. At the same time, the filibuster was the last defense Republicans had to prevent Democrats from seizing total control of some governmental processes.

The merit of this move rests in a very grey area, because, from this point forward, all minority parties will have no ability to negate important actions taken by the majority. Yet, this 'nuclear option' was only considered because the stalemate in Washington made any form of progress impossible. In all, this is a desperate effort by the Democrats to end the government’s negative image in the eyes of the American people.

Political gridlock doesn't do a thing for the voting public and it makes the entire government look incompetent, reinforcing the popular viewpoint that our government can't do anything to help those it’s supposed to serve. If the government was a business, they’d never make it off the ground, especially if they kept the poor reputation they have now. Unfortunately, the government has a lot more room for failure than any business would.

But, if the government was a company looking to fix its image, what could it do? Well, actual results would probably help, but that’s not enough. When the public is set on a general opinion, it’s very difficult to break it. The only option is to tackle that opinion head-on and reinforce another image, one that shows a willingness to change and a plan to do so. Fixing a negative reputation is hard enough, but online it’s an even greater challenge.

 Centel Media™, the premier online reputation management firm, has many resources that could help any organization solve their negative image problems. Our negative suppression services, which cover articles, reviews, images, and videos, are designed to push aside negative criticism directed towards an individual or group. To help improve a reputation in need, we can also post press releases about what our clients are doing correctly. While it is easy to bash the government, one should keep in mind that there is always a chance for redemption. With the right reputation, strategy and action, even our dysfunctional government can be saved.

Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Matthew Shaffer,

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