Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GM Fights to Regain its Good Name

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General Motors used to be known as one of the most unreliable car companies in the American market despite its massive size. But they seemed to have learned from their humiliation during the start of the recent recession. Their renewed focus has led them to make important changes. They just achieved yet another historic milestone by naming Marry Barra as CEO, the first woman to run a global automobile company. She also happens to be an engineer, the first engineer to hold the leadership position in about twenty years. This is not to say that the outgoing CEO Dan Akerson did a bad job either: he's overseen the design of several great cars that have revitalized the brand, but there remain more challenges ahead. GM needs to fix their image perception. Being the leader in online reputation management,  Centel Media™  understands exactly what that means and how challenging it can be without professional help.

At some point in its past, GM became too big and had more growth problems than they could handle. But they examined their practices closely and had the courage to make large-scale changes.  The latest decisions have included restructuring attempts in Europe, Asia, and Australia. They have even gone so far as to pull out entirely from some of these areas, ending the billions in losses they have suffered over the years from those locations.  Rival company Ford Motors actually did the same in its return to success not long ago.

As a consequence of being too big, GM's quality decreased.  It wasn't until 2009 when the US government bailed them out did they probably realize how serious their manufacturing and image problems had become. The people noticed too: they quickly turned towards companies like Toyota and Ford as alternatives. This negative public perception contributed greatly to their downfall. Now with the US government exiting as a shareholder, GM has a great opportunity to recreate themselves in the eyes of the world.

It is not often that companies can recover from bankruptcy, and GM should be grateful. If your company needs to improve people’s perception of it, Centel Media™ is here to help. Our top of the line online reputation management services can help you build a positive, trustworthy image. We supply a negative criticism suppression service covering articles, images, videos, and reviews. To promote the good your company has done, we also publish press releases and write Wikipedia articles for you. If you're committed to maintaining a quality company, we are only too happy to help you achieve your goals.

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