Friday, December 13, 2013

Is the Sound of Music the Sound of Money?

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NBC has been in a hole for a few years now. They have had modest hits with several different shows that appeal to niche audiences, but they have not been able to secure a solid identity and viewership. Their latest attempt at breaking out of their rut has worked. Using a famous movie and a lot of advertising, the excellent Sound of Music, they broadcasted a live performance using new actors but retaining all of the classic songs. Audiences responded enthusiastically and beat skeptical expectations, scoring high ratings and almost 20 million viewers, a feat NBC has not managed to achieve on Thursday nights in four years.  They even beat Big Bang Theory for the top network show. Clearly, an identifiable brand and a stellar performance were the winners that night.  At Centel Media™, we understand how strategic marketing and careful reputation management can lead to phenomenal success.

Before the show, critics derided it as nothing more than a desperate publicity stunt. They viewed Sound of Music as one of those American classics that should not be touched because there is no way to improve on it. While that point is debatable, nonetheless the film is a masterpiece of delightful artistry that stands on its own even today. So when NBC wanted to remake it, it was only expected that loyal film fans would react negatively before the new program had even aired.

However, the warm reception to the live musical performance on TV has proven the critics wrong. People do want to see a great performance of a classic, even if it isn't exactly the same as the movie. In fact, rebranding may have been a key reason why the show gained such an astounding audience. While some people only want the original, a creative remake usually motivates many viewers to go out and see the 'improved' version. While people may debate if NBC’s version tops the original, it still manages to stand on its own merits.

Proper advertising of their known brand is what gave NBC the success it needed. If you or your organization needs a professional hand in proper marketing, onlinereputation management firm Centel Media™ has the know-how to get you on the right track. In addition to our classic service of press releases, we also offer products which increase traffic to your website such as Google AdWords optimization, social media optimization, website design, and domain name registration. Be sure to take ample opportunity of all of the possibilities online branding gives in order to increase your sales and profitability.

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