Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Strategies Mean Success for Ebook

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With the availability of e-readers and tablets increasing steadily over the past few years, it is no surprise that the world of print is making the leap to electronic books. Though readers may be disappointed to see businesses like Borders Books and Music disappear, the reality is that Borders did not embrace the web and ebook readers the way its competitor Barnes & Noble did. Tablets are becoming more easily accessible today as well because rivals of the Apple Ipad have released inexpensive alternatives that function about the same way.
An author with a newly published ebook must have a plan of attack if he intends to make a profit and grow his brand. An effective and well planned ebook campaign will lead to increased exposure for the author, building his credibility and increasing his sales. That’s where Centel Media comes in. Creating a buzz online is essential to driving book sales.
Centel Media provides comprehensive online reputation management services. Our team of professionals can provide services to enhance your ebook campaign such as press releases, Facebook and Twitter page design, unique and targeted social media optimization, wikipedia submissions, website design and more.
But why publish an ebook over a printed text? Some authors are drawn to ebooks because they are green. No pages means no trees used.  Some ebook publishers brand themselves around the concept of being environmentally sound.
Ebooks are cheaper to produce. Some sites offer self-publishing options for ebooks in a variety of price points.  It is also possible to find short online instructional courses to help format your own book.
Ebooks are widely accepted. Colleges have embraced digital books, offering textbooks for digital readers at drastically reduced prices.  Even some public libraries now offer digital books for readers to borrow. Ebooks can be sold across various retail websites such as Amazon.com , Apple iBookstore or even on the authors website or blog.
A press release announcing the publication date, a top notch Facebook and Twitter page, a new website are all tools that can create the online presence that will make your ebook a success. Let Centel Media help you on your e-publishing journey.
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